Violin Dreams


In the past week, I have been re-reading violinist Arnold Steinhardt's immensely entertaining and passionate musical memoir, Violin Dreams.

You don't have to be a violinist to appreciate his story.

Between thoughtful and humorous insights into the behind-the-scenes worlds of an array of international musical luminaries, Steinhardt documents his own development from aspiring music student to professional interpreter of chamber music as first violinist in the Guarneri String Quartet. Along the way, he also describes his lifelong fascination with unraveling the mysteries of J.S. Bach's Chaconne from the Second Partita in D Minor for solo violin, a masterwork that continues to speak in a timeless, universal language to every generation.

Since my current Chaconne art project attempts to unravel the mysteries of  Bach's musical composition from a visual art perspective based on images experienced in a dream, I was particularly interested to read Steinhardt's acknowledgement of his own dreams and their intuitive insights, which intersected with practical work and serendipitous coincidences throughout his life to reveal an unforeseen and unique artistic direction.

Steinhardt's book reminds me that there are more ways than one to make an artistic pilgrimage.

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