Artist, Sandra Dean


About Sandra Dean

My work as an artist has always focused on illuminating the invisible — the mysterious and often hidden component in any subject that is always alive. My background in natural science and medical illustration has only enhanced my fascination with, and understanding of, the many parallels that exist between seed and universe, “micro” and “macro” worlds. I apply this intuitive and investigative deep vision to my current projects, which often incorporate elements based on ancient symbols and studies of unity: the Tree of Life, the Mandala and Sacred Geometry. My domain name “Trees of Life” is a reference to this body of knowledge.

I have been fortunate since childhood to have the twin disciplines of music and visual art as constant companions. The Illuminated Chaconne series, in progress, combines both of these interests to create new forms. This collection is partly inspired by Johann Sebastian Bach’s magnificent Chaconne, the final movement from his Partita in D minor for solo violin. You may view work in this series on the Gallery page.

Although I work mostly in my Seattle studio, I’m very fortunate to have an additional live/work studio in the small, agricultural, central Washington town of Tieton, where Ed Marquand (owner of Marquand Books and the designer of my artist’s book A Tree of Life) has developed fourteen live/work lofts in a 1940’s era fruit processing warehouse as part of the art and artisan business incubator known as Mighty Tieton. My studio (where creative projects are always in the works) is on the south side of the building, with an abundance of windows to capture the luminous, inspiring, high desert, central Washington light.

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Photo: Rebecca Sullivan

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